A) Services

1. Solar Power Plant Consultancy / Feasibility

1. Solar Power Plant Consultancy / Feasibility
Our solar power plant consulting division in consortium with international companies provides consulting services in setting up KW-MW level grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants. The two main components to a proper Feasibility Study are an experienced evaluation team and a cohesive study framework. Typically, our scope of services would be executed in Phases as indicated below:

B) Solar Power Plant Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Our solar power EPC Division is specialized in the setting up of solar photo-voltaic (PV)Power Plants on EPC or turnkey basis. It conceives & implements solar power projects from the initiation to installation and maintenance, using the best available components and cutting edge technical solutions by relying on highly qualified professionals.

C) Solar Roof Top Turnkey Solutions

Dynamic Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd brings in its years of experience in designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems, we recognized hat open roof spaces on rooftops on buildings have an excellent potential in energy savings every year. We can provide a complete turnkey service to provide a feasibility study, engineering, manage procurement and installation and commission the system to bring it online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We also offer our clients custom designed solar systems to suit special requirements of aesthetic decoration or space. Depending on the requirements we design and install both grid tied as well as stand-alone systems.

D) Solar Financing

We provide long term Solar financing solutions in PPA mode for commercial & industrial customers, wherein we invest on the solar equipment, installation & maintenance and the customer only pays for solar power that is produced. We will install maintain and own the solar system on your rooftop or property and you simply pay for your solar power by the month, just like your utility bill at a very competitive rate.

2-Re-development services

  • At Dynamic Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd, we always aim to maintain high generation capacity. However, as solar PV systems age, their generation capacity decreases. It is important to refurbish, repair or replace old components to achieve the desired level of output. Sometimes, customers may face issues with their current EPC or O&M service provider and require intervention from another solar PV repairs company to improve the existing system.

    We offer re-development, refurbishing and solar panel repair service for existing Solar PV systems.
  • Our re-development services include-
  • Refurbishing services to improve monitoring and maintenance.
    As some components are exposed to climatic changes and weather conditions, there are chances for the components to corrode or wear off. To ensure that there is minimal downtime, we refurbish these components to safeguard the longevity of the system.
  • Optimization services to achieve desired performance levels.
    To always achieve desired performance levels, we conduct an RCA to recommend the best re-development solution to achieve high ROI.
  • Replacement of existing material, design, engineering and auxiliary services with new ones to increase overall life span of the solar plant.

3-Solar Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

To always achieve high generation capacity, it is important to consult the right solar o & m. As one of the most experienced solar operation & maintenance companies, we always aim to maintain high generation capacity by resolving system down time quickly with our remote monitoring support.

Our solar plant maintenance & operations services include preventive and corrective measures which involves inspecting, testing, cleaning, repairing and replacing parts. To prevent system breakdowns and ensure regular inspection of solar PV systems, we provide annual maintenance contracts to always keep the generation capacity stable.

We are Specialized in:

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Inspection, Testing, Cleaning, Repairs, Replacements

Our scheduled inspections include inspecting the solar PV systems thoroughly by always doing a general and specific check. General checks include surrounding checks i.e. checking for water leakages or lose wires that may affect the generation capacity. Specific checks is inspecting every solar component like inverters, transformers, and modules to name a few.

  • SCADA Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring Systems

Real Time Data, Perfaormance Alerts, Web/Cellular Monitoring, Min. Downtime

  • Our SCADA Photovoltaic monitoring system helps us remotely monitor our client’s solar PV system. This helps us achieve minimum downtime and always be available for assistance